Sharleen Smith 

Dear Families, 
I hope that this finds you all well. As we get closer to opening, I wanted to reach out with further information about the Center.  The FAA/DOT Child Development Center received approval to open on Monday, July 13, 2020.  The hours will be limited to 8am – 5pm to ensure teacher ratios.  There will be a slight procedure change from my earlier email (and I have added the procedures to the end of this email) that will allow parents to take their children up to the Center rooms.  Families will still be screened at the playground staging area and must receive an all-clear before proceeding into the building and going to the doors of the Center rooms.  At the doors, a teacher will be present to take your child into the Center room.  Upon pick-up, you will be screened again before being allowed into the building to get your children and their belongings.

Please be patient with us during drop off and pick-up as these new procedures take time and we want to ensure the health of our families and our teachers.

As we get closer to the re-opening date, it is imperative that you let Ms. Sharleen know if you plan on returning to the Center on July 13th, as we need to plan for class size and teaching staffing schedules.  Full tuition will resume with the tuition payment due on July 15th covering the July 13th – July 24th period.   

 The teachers were able to take advantage of the time that the center was closed to do their required yearly training and certificate hours, so we will not be closing during the last week of August/September.  However, we will be closed on Friday, September 4th to allow the teachers to re-do the rooms for the beginning of the school year. 

We thank all the parents for their support during this difficult time.  The teachers are looking forward to welcoming all the children back.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let Ms. Sharleen or me know. 

​Updated Procedures (June 26, 2020):
New Hours of Operation:
No more than 10 individuals (staff members and children) clustered in one group at any time.  We will ensure that your child will stay with their group for the whole day.

Until we can increase the group sizes, in order to ensure that we do not have staff members entering and leaving groups, we are reducing the hours of operation for the Center.  The new hours will be from 8:00am until 5:00pm.

Check-in/Drop-off procedures:
Families will be screened outside by the playground area on the C Street side of the building.  If other families are present, please maintain social distancing and be patient as your child is being processed.

We will conduct temperature checks of the parents/guardians and children upon arrival. We will be using contactless thermometers for the temperature checks.

We will also be asking parents/guardians and staff members about whether the child or staff member has experienced one or more of the following symptoms that has not been previously evaluated by a healthcare provider:

Nasal congestion
Sore throat
Shortness of breath
Nausea or vomiting
Muscle Pain
Poor feeding or poor appetite
Loss of taste or smell
Or any other symptom of not feeling well.

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July 2020

FAA/DOT Child Development Center


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​​​800 Independence Ave, SW Washington, DC 20591 / P.O. Box 44094 Washington, 20026

202.267.7672 / 202.267.7673 / 202.267.5158 Fax


Any family or staff member meeting “Yes” for any of the above in the program’s daily health screen shall not be admitted.

  • Any child or staff member that has exclusionary symptoms, including fever cough or shortness of breath must not return to the center until 72 hours after the fever and respiratory symptoms have improved without the use of fever reducing or cough medication (e.g., Motrin, Tylenol).

Any child or staff member with confirmed COVID-19 should not return to the Center until at least 10 days after symptoms first appeared and at least 72 hours without a fever whichever is later. 

After receiving an “all-clear”, families will then be allowed in the building and can bring their children to the door of the Center Rooms, where a teacher will meet you to accept your child and belongings. 
If a stroller is checked-in, a staff member will wipe down the stroller before placing it in the parking area.  The stroller will be returned upon pick-up.  Please label your child’s name on the stroller to make identifying it easy.

*REMINDER for the infants families.* Please remember to label each of the infants bottles with your child’s name and date prior to drop-off as a staff member will be taking them straight to the refrigerator.

Pick-up Procedures:
Please call the center when you are ready to accept your child.  A staff member will bring your child out of the building along with their belongings for the day. 

At the end of the first day, you will be given all the belongings that were left in your child’s cubby.  Please go over the belongings and return weather appropriate spare clothing the next day for storage in their cubby.  We recommend two changes of clothes for potty-trained children.  For the other children at least three changes of clothes would be sufficient.   Please label all clothes and items, and any soiled items will be returned to you at the end of each day along with the face coverings.

Face Coverings:
We will also be insisting that our staff members and children over the age of two (2) wear a face covering as recommended by the CDC and DC licensing.  

  • Parents/guardians should wear non-medical face coverings any time they interact with staff members, including for drop-off and pick-up.

  • Children age 2 and older should wear a face covering, when feasible, and if deemed developmentally appropriate by the parent/guardian and child care provider. Such children must be able to safely use, avoid touching, and remove the covering without assistance.

  • We recommend that families provide multiple clean face coverings each day labeled in a plastic bag for the sole use of your child.  Used face coverings will be returned to the families at pick-up.​